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Black and white schematic exterior view.
House in the Bahamas

Our goal is to provide an introduction and some insight into the many facets of architecture and the services that architects perform. If you are beginning your search for an architect, or don’t know whether or not you need an architect, you will find some guidance here.

Our approach to design is logical, straightforward and focuses on substance over glitz. There’s no “archispeak” without forewarning. We strive for timeless, enduring design utilizing rich, natural materials. We incorporate design elements such as spatial relationships, form, mass, light and color.

House in Altadena: Schematic Design

Virtual Reality has played a part in every project by dbaArchitects. It makes visualization of the project more “real” and insures that the project you have in mind is the project that we are designing. It also helps the contractor understand the more complex aspects of the projects during the construction phase and reduces mistakes in the long run.

How we like to design

House in Manhattan Beach: Remodel and Addition

dbaArchitects design process seeks to:

  • Eliminate clutter and express things in plain and simple ways.
  • Use asymmetry or irregularity to achieve balance.
  • Understate and refrain from elaboration.
  • Depict naturalness with the absence of pretense and artificiality.
  • Use subtle and symbolic suggestion rather than obviousness.
  • Transcend habit, formula, and conventionality.
  • Achieve a state of tranquility and energized calm.
  • Embody harmony and balance avoiding self-assertion.
  • Provide an emptiness, spatial void, or silence to provide a focal point.
  • Appreciate the beauty of what is implied, unstated, and unexpressed.

Read more about these ten Japanese design principals here. They always influence the design process, but might not be obvious in the final product. They serve as a basis against which many design decisions are tested and made. 

dbaArchitects have a history of solving the unsolvable. Clients who get stuck with problems that have no apparent solution are surprised when we find creative and unusual resolutions, whether they be with government agencies or design approaches. We strive for the amazing, surprising, clever, humorous, and original!

A Selection of Recent Works

Residential Works

Our designs are socially responsible and efficient. We don’t limit ourselves to a certain style, but find joy in orchestrating all the moving parts into a coherent “whole”. We enjoy a challenge!


Multiple Projects Including the Malibu Beach Inn

“It has been a pleasure working with Steve Pribyl and dbaArchitects. I have worked with Steve on several projects and look forward to working with him again. Steve is able to achieve impressive results while operating within tough constraints, all the while doing it with professionalism and ease. He is personable and takes time to… Read more “Multiple Projects Including the Malibu Beach Inn”

Richard Sherman, CFO
The David Geffen Company

Orange Drive Accessory Dwelling Unit

“dbaArchitects helped me plot out my dream of converting my garage into an ADU! It has been ten years that I’ve been thinking about this, and finally it happened! I feel like dbaArchitects was a really great choice for me because I did need help in terms of direction a little bit. But obviously they… Read more “Orange Drive Accessory Dwelling Unit”

Vera T.

Hammond Drive Accessory Dwelling Unit

“I found dba Architects by just searching online.I found on Google businesses, dbaArchitects popped up, had great reviews, and they were local to Pasadena, and that was important to me. So I made a phone call. I had a great experience with dbaArchitects. I think one: the project timeline ended up being much shorter than… Read more “Hammond Drive Accessory Dwelling Unit”

Jason P.

A Free “How to Hire an Architect Guide”


dbaArchitects crafts elegant yet appropriate solutions at every opportunity. We have been involved with many types of architectural and interior design, including commercial, residential, hospitality, restaurants and tenant improvements.

The projects are primarily in southern California cities such as Culver City, Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, Valencia, and Beverly Hills.

Call us at (424) 298-0740 for an introductory chat to see if we are a good match for your needs, or contact us via email.

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