Common Roadblocks to ADU Pre-Design

Enter your contact information below to download a Guide to ADU Pre-Design. Here is a list of the topics covered in the guide:

What am I allowed to build?
What am I required to build, whether I like it or not?
What do I want to build?
Where should I locate an accessory dwelling unit on my property?
How long will it take to achieve positive cash flow if I rent the ADU?
Should I hire an architect?
I can’t visualize how it will look!
Architects charge too much!
How can I find a general contractor?
How long will it take?
Ordinances, regulations
The architect licensing procedure

Here are a few short video introductions to some of the early issues people have with designing ADUs:

Where should you locate your ADU?
Setback requirements chart from City of Los Angeles.
How long will it take to achieve positive cash flow?

For a guide to common pre-design questions regarding an ADU, please enter your name and address:

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