Orange Drive Accessory Dwelling Unit

“dbaArchitects helped me plot out my dream of converting my garage into an ADU! It has been ten years that I’ve been thinking about this, and finally it happened! I feel like dbaArchitects was a really great choice for me because I did need help in terms of direction a little bit. But obviously they gave me a lot of really good input in terms of what to do, how to plac different, like the whole placement of the ADU. I obviously had specific things that I wanted, andI felt like we worked really great together. He was really open to listening to what I had to say. He had great input. So I just felt like that’s what you want from somebody, right? Someone who’s willing to listen to you, willing to give you input, and then you can meld that together. So I thought that worked great.

I honestly can say that I felt like I got good value for the actual project because I did shop around. There were people that were a little cheaper, there are people that were a little more expensive. But for my particular needs, I felt like I wasn’t necessarily a cookie cutter situation. So some of the people I had met with were pretty much like that: we can do this for you, and this is what we are and this is what we can do. Like, this is what we’re going to do for you, where it’s already preset. So you kind of, like, fit that into your space. But I felt like mine. I didn’t necessarily really want to go in that direction. I wanted a little more interaction. And I felt like dbaArchitects was perfect for that.

I would definitely hire dbaArchitects again. I really enjoyed working with the team, and it was just like a very easy and not stressful process. I would recommend dbaArchitects to my friends because of the fact that I feel like I had a great experience. I think that going in to any kind of design process, you want someone that’s kind of like a partner with you. And I felt like dbaArchitect was that. So for that reason, I felt likeI would definitely recommend dbaArchitects.”

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