Would You Like Less Stress, Consider Living in an ADU
With the high cost and low inventory of affordable housing, the possibility of homeownership is Read more
dbaArchitects is working on a residential project in Altadena, which is controlled by the County Read more
Malibu Beach Inn, Porte Cochere
Project Spotlight: Malibu Beach 15yr Anniversary. From a pink flamingo Hacienda to luxurious and elegant Read more
Time is Money. In the context of a new or remodeling project, a Change Order Read more
5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Dream Kitchen
You're standing in your current kitchen thinking to yourself, why doesn't anything in this kitchen Read more
Black is an absence of all colors. Black gets out of the way and lets Read more
There are five typical phases of an architectural project. In simple projects, the phases are Read more
"How much will it cost?" is one of the first questions we usually hear. Cost Read more
A simple representation of pure design. Many elements dbaArchitects use in design include: Pattern, Humor, Read more
In simple terms, and as it pertains to dbaArchitects, BIM is the virtual three-dimensional representation Read more

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