Time is Money. In the context of a new or remodeling project, a Change Order can mean a lot of
You're standing in your current kitchen thinking to yourself, why doesn't anything in this kitchen work the way I want?
Black is an absence of all colors. Black gets out of the way and lets other elements or events take
There are five typical phases of an architectural project. In simple projects, the phases are abbreviated or overlap, the distinction
"How much will it cost?" is one of the first questions we usually hear. Cost depends on many factors from
A simple representation of pure design. Many elements dbaArchitects use in design include: Pattern, Humor, Simplicity, Historical Reference, Functionality
In simple terms, and as it pertains to dbaArchitects, BIM is the virtual three-dimensional representation of a building. The building
An Architect's job is to create a space that not only functions well, but also touches the heart.
It's human nature to alter one's environment. People and modify their environment to create an attractive and comfortable living space
The reality of construction, you can get two out of the following three, never all three: Inexpensive, Fast, Good

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